Our Church Windows



               In this window we see the hand of God, signifying creative power with
             a flowing shape and color throughout.  Also, this shows us that God is
             a part of everything from the beginning of time.  The image of the tree
             of life bearing fruit also represents the fall of man, while the sea below
             and the sky above spill over into the next window as a part of creation.










              Under the creation of the two great lights, the sun and the moon, the
              newly created stars and the rainbow suggested new hope when the
     waters receded and left the Ark on dry land.

              As a symbol, the Ark is a ship, which represents the Church.  Interestingly,
              the largest part of the Church building is called the "Nave", which means







                 The images in this window are the burning bush, the Tablets of Law,
              and the six-pointed star.

              The burning bush is a symbol of Moses, called to deliver his people
              from the Egyptian oppressor.

              God gave Moses the Tablets of Law on Mount Sinai.  The Law was
              written on tablets of stone.

              The six-pointed star symbolizes the six days of Creation and reminds
              us of our Jewish heritage.







                 In this window is the Angel or Messenger heralding the
              coming of Christ.  "I am the good shepherd."  The
              Shepherd's crook is to ward off foes and to guide the flock.

              The Almond Rod represents hope amid ruin and despair. 
              Also, there is the rod of Christ's strength.










                 The Star in the East leads us to the sun and CHI RHO.

              Christ is referred to as "the Sun of Righteousness".
              CHI RHO is an ancient monogram of Christ.  CHI RHO
              is the abbreviation of the Greek word XPICTOC,
              meaning Christos.

              The shepherd's crook represents the shepherds
              surrounding the manger, while the crowns refer to
              the Wise Men.







                  The lamp represents the Word of God or Christ preaching
              from the mountain with beams reaching out to all.  The
              four candles together represent the evangelists Mark,
              Matthew, Luke, and John, with the remaining candles being
              the other Apostles.  The candle without a flame represents
              Judas Iscariot.

              The Shell with water flowing has long been a symbol of








                The Wheat and Cup represent the bread and wine at the Lord's
              Supper.  The Crown of Thorns symbolizes the Crucifixion.

              The Alpha and Omega, which are the first and last letters of the
              Greek alphabet, stand for Jesus Christ.  "The First and the Last,
              the Beginning and the End".










                Jesus was nailed to a cross underneath the letters I.N.R.I.,
              representing "Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews". 

              The Crown over the Cross reminds us that Christ is Lord
              and King.

              The Lily symbolizes the Resurrection, reminding us of the
              rebirth of springtime.

              Below the lily is a cross in amber glass as if echoing the
              Cross below in Ascension.





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