50th Anniversary


Westwood Presbyterian Church




Rev. Pat Warren lends a helping hand


Text Box:      Like many other denominational churches,
Westwood faced the 21st century challenge of young 
families moving to non-denominational churches for
contemporary services.
     Interim pastor, Rev. Pat Warren, played a key role in
steering Westwood through these difficult times from 
     During that time, many focus group meetings were 
held to determine the direction the church should take 
to remain viable.  Pat was a great listener who had the 
ability to get people to talk things through, but his 
sense of humor played an important role too. 
Westwood is deeply indebted to Pat for helping us heal 
the wounds of a church schism.


Text Box:  Rev. Joshua Long began leading Westwood in 2003.  Below, he's pictured with new members L-R:  Cindy Cole, Barbara Moss and Elizabeth Neiderman.











Rev. Long brings energy to Westwood


Text Box:       What better way to keep an aging congregation young than to hire a pastor right out of Princeton Theological Seminary!
     That bold move was made by the Pastor Nominating Committee when it called Rev. Joshua N. Long in August 2003.
     Under his leadership, Westwood is growing again.  While many churches are suffering losses, Westwood has added 27 new members since 2004.
     Pastor Long has created a new Wednesday evening Bible Study, two prayer groups have been formed, along with a once-a-month Family Game Night on Saturdays.  He has encouraged the congregation to aggressively pursue new members.
     Bill Copeland and Dick Flynn are chairing a committee that is studying ways to accomplish that mission.
     The Session has expanded Westwood's outreach efforts in the community.
     A group of volunteers led by Shirley Pottenger helps to prepare one Friday night meal per month at the Community Meals Center at The Presbyterian Church.  Steve Anglin has headed volunteer efforts to help the Salvation Army ring bells for its Christmas Kettle Campaign.




Text Box:       Westwood has long been
known as a friendly, caring
congregation. Its work with
missions is a prime example of
how the church gets involved with
helping needy families locally and
in other parts of the world.
     The Deacons ask members to
donate food and other necessities
at One Way Farm in Fairfield,
and Serve City in Hamilton, which
provides emergency groceries
to families in need. During the
Christmas season, the Deacons
provide gifts to needy families and
ask members to contribute hats,
gloves and mittens for children at
Jefferson School.
     Westwood continues to support
Jane (Morris) and Russell Johnson
in their ministry to the deaf in India,
keeping alive our link to the Morris

Above: In the 1980’s, Westwood
supported this Cambodian refugee
family.  Right: Westwood also 
supports Russell, Bethany, and Jane 
(Morris) Johnson’s ministry to the 
deaf in India.



Text Box: Singing is another part of Pastor Long's ministry at Westwood.  He regularly sings in the church choir and occasionally performs solos.







Westwood’s music ministry

Text Box:      Music has played a major role at Westwood in the past five decades.
     Adult choir, youth choir and members offering other special music talents have enriched our worship services.  The church has been blessed with excellent organists, pianists and music directors through the years.
     Westwood presently has 136 members, but its music ministry remains vibrant.
     We appreciate the efforts of the entire Ravenscraft family - Deb, Fred and Tara - for leading our music program today.  Donna Wright (flute) and Dick Flynn (percussion) have added their talents to the choir too.

Text Box:           Ever since the church began in 1958, scouting has played a role.  Boy Scout Troop 982 was a fixture at Westwood for mor than forty years, and the church also played host to cub scout and brownie troops, as well as eagle scouts.




Westwood’s history with scouting








Westwood and its missions










                                                                                                              Text Box:       Westwood's Mitten Tree project helps children at Jefferson School.  Members also provide food to the Serve City  emergency pantry.
























A look at our 50th Anniversary projects


Fellowship Hall:

New flooring

New lighting, fans & wiring

New ceiling tile

Floor to ceiling cabinets

Serving island in front

New kitchen cabinets, sink refrigerator and dishwasher


New tables


Other areas:

New windows overlooking the Memorial Garden

New lighting and ceiling tiles in hallways & nursery

New carpeting in hallway, nursery and choir loft

New chairs in choir loft

Painting the nursery

Re-furnishing the nursery

New church library in former crib room


Other Projects:

50th Anniversary Quilt

50th Anniversary Cookbook

50th Anniversary Photo Album

Hosting Presbytery meeting in November 2008






New lectern bible and stand

New seat cushions

Restoration of brass items on communion table

Painting the frames and cleaning stained glass windows


Minister’s office

New drywall

New furniture

New carpeting

Improved lighting

Remove air conditioner and fix exterior wall.




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